Avery County Community Gardens

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The community gardens, located at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Avery County Center, are producing an abundance of food this season. Most of the community garden growers are senior citizens without garden space at their residence. Community gardens provide these citizens a place to learn about gardening and produce their own food. These raised garden boxes measure 4 feet by 12 feet and were constructed by N.C. Cooperative Extension staff. The garden boxes are filled with aged compost produced on-site, at Heritage Park. There is a large variety of produce being grown. In addition to the usual garden plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash, the gardeners are also growing tomatillos, eggplant, and specialty beans.

The N.C. Cooperative Extension, Avery County Center offers educational programs for the community garden group throughout the season. For more information on the community garden or gardening education, please contact Bill Hoffman, Extension Agent-ANR, at 828-733-8270.

Article written by Bill Hoffman, Extension Agent-ANR.

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