2019 Online 4-H Enrollment

— Written By Tami Hagie

The National 4-H and the North Carolina State 4-H Enrollment system are now online. This new program is a BIG change, for the 4-H families and 4-H staff, but this will make the enrolling process easier AND you will be able to complete the enrollment process from the comfort of your own home or office.

BEST OF ALL, in 2020, if you would like to be a repeat participant or volunteer you will be able to go into the 4-H Online System and click the “WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE” box and you will be registered for another year; your information will be saved from the previous year.

Please review the instructions listed below for guidance on completing the enrollment form. If you do not have home internet, an email address or if the system is confusing, we will be happy to assist you in enrolling your child or family.

We ask that you please be patient with us, this is also very new to the 4-H staff; we all will learn the system together.

Detailed instructions for 2019 4-H Online Enrollment

  1. Visit the 4HOnline website.
  2. Choose “Set Up a New Account” from the options on the right and choose “N.C.” as your state.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “I Need To Set Up A Profile.”
  4. Choose “Avery” as your county and fill in your information, choose a login and password. You will choose your “Role” which will be Family and then click “Create Login.”
  5. Step 3 will open a window for your address and phone information. If you are happy with the login and password you chose previously, you can skip over changing that information at the bottom.
  6. Your next step will be to go to the “Member List” page and choose “Add a New Family Member”. Please choose “youth” and click “Add A Member.”
  7. The next page will ask for contact information and emergency contact information.
  8. As you proceed, the next page will ask 1) your permission to give 4-H staff consent to see medical help in case of an emergency, 2) for you to read and agree to the 4-H Code of Conduct and 3) your permission or non-permission to take pictures of your youth at 4-H events.
  9. Next will be the Health Form that asks for doctors information, insurance information and general health information.
  10. Almost finished…the last page will ask which clubs your 4-Her belongs to. You are welcome to choose as many as needed. You will also be asked which project your youth participates – please choose the project or projects that most closely align with your child’s interest. Click “add a project” to select that project name and then click “submit.”

If you have more than one youth in 4-H, you can add the next child by choosing “Add a New Family Member.” At the top is the option to “Copy Parent Info.” If you choose this option, the site will automatically populate much of enrollment information you must put in.

Thank you in advance for being patient with the new system and thank you for taking your time to complete this new process.

For additional information please contact Bobbie Willard, 4-H Extension Agent at 828-733-8270.